Taking care of your success.

AS Trucking emerges with the main focus to improve otd, being a reliable company, and having the best customer service.


  • Honesty
  • Family
  • Commitment
  • Eficiency
  • Quality
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Development



We are a multimodal transportation company servicing several IMC’s in Mexico, United States and Canada. Everyday is an oportunity to provide our customers with transportation services which exceed their expectations, seeking at all times the highest standards in security and OTD. We strive to give back to society by creating a work/family balanced enviroment for our employees, and promoting fair competiton among companies in the industry.



AS trucking will be the best crossborder transportation company in North America, providing our customers with a comprenhensive range of transportation and logistics services. We thrive to close the gap between our customers products and their final user making sure to supply on-time services at the most competitive rates.


AS Trucking we are committed to consistently support security objectives with our customers to keep their goods undamaged and illegal acts. Our company is against terrorism, explosives and drug smuggling, which is why we are committed to control security risks under a process of continuous improvement through a safety management system such as the C-TPAT.

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